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Chillin’ In My New Chullo

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Well, it’s not an authentic Ch’ullo. It’s my interpretation. I was trying to write a pattern for a two-handed stranded colorwork class I’m teaching to two ladies at the shop tomorrow. This was fun and quick. Next time I’ll try a looser fit and a more triangular tapering, though personally, I like the snug fit. I may even post this as a free pattern after I’ve tested a couple of variations.




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The wonders of yarn…

It’s not knitting, but this is what an older gentleman and his wife brought by the shop one day. His wife is an artist and draws the pictures on canvas, then Bob uses 100 % wool yarns to hook the rug, rather than the traditional wool felt strips. They were embarking on a new rug, a mockingbird against a backdrop of purple irises (Tennessee’s state bird and flower), and I was lucky enough to be there when they stopped in for more yarn. Julia is one of the other ladies who also works part-time at the shop.  She has a background steeped in textiles ( she teaches a color theory class), and she happened to be there as well and offered to help them pick out yarn. I was enchanted by the process by which she chose the color options. Having very little formal art education in my background, I’m now quite intrigued by the idea of color “tension” and other terms I’d never heard of. I was just an interested spectator, but it was memorable. I must know more!


Bob’s hooked rug using all wool yarns


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The Shawl KAL is Growing!

I’m looking forward to Tuesday. It’s not to late to join us in the sheep shawl adventure. Just let me know you’re interested and I’ll add your name to the roll. I’ll open it up to participating knitters to post as we go.

And if you’re the “joiner” type, check out this new site that lists LOTS of KALs for your consideration.  What a great idea.

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Today I learned to “Sit and Spin”

Well, at least I got the gist, I think. I bought a drop spindle and some roving and got started spinning. I have a long way to go, but I am absolutely hooked! I had to force myself to put the spindle down to get supper started. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I caught the “spinning 101” episode of “Knitty Gritty” and that was it. I had to get started. New joy. I dream of one day going from sheep to sweater and going to elementary schools to teach the kids about it. I’m visiting a home economics class in Lebanon, TN on Tuesday to talk to the students about knitting and the fiber arts. I can’t believe the joy I get from yarn.


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Denise Thinks Pink

Denise Needles are introducing a kit with pink cords and container.  $5 from each purchase goes toward breast cancer research.  The personal connection is touching (and the kit’s adorable).  I’m a big fan of the Denises.  Check out their site.

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Let’s Go For The Lace! KAL

From Fiber Trends

See the “Sheep Shawl” blog for more info

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“Sheep Shawl” KAL About to Begin

Several of us at our LYS are about to start a lace shawl KAL next Tuesday, and I thought I’d see if anyone out there might be interested in joining us and sharing pictures.  I’ve never attempted to host a KAL, so I’d like to give it a try.  If interested, let me know and I’ll post more.  The yarn we’re using is a laceweight merino that blocks beautifully and has a nice hand.


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