Too small. Too bad. So sad.

I made a store sample using an A. Vitadinni pattern and “Natasha” yarn in fog. A very easy pattern once I memorized the cable and the raglan cap sleeves made the whole thing come together in a snap. Unfortunately it’s way too small for me.

 When they said “small” they meant it.

My five-year-old might be able to squeeze into the thing. Nice yarn, though. Well written pattern.



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4 responses to “Too small. Too bad. So sad.

  1. That sample looks eerily familiar… your LYS wouldn’t happen to be Woolwinders, would it?

  2. barbie

    Every blessed time I buy a Vittadini, it is tiny…..

  3. That tank is gorgeous! Yeah, and I know what you mean about sizing – I was that size once – when I was a fetus!

  4. Dear Brewgal,

    Nope. Our LYS is The Knaughty Knitter. I work there.

    Thanks for visiting!

    Happy Knitting. Denelle

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