What to do with that lace shawl you just HAD to knit…

… and then you realized, “Oh yeah, I don’t wear shawls.”

I don’t know if I’ll wear it either, but I’m joining the Knit-Along next month anyway when my LYS will be making the “sheep shawl”. We are inspired by the owner’s “seascape shawl” in the picture below. Doesn’t it make a lovely curtain? I’m looking at my smaller windows in a whole new light (no pun intended).

Meredith’s Seascape Shawl/Curtain



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4 responses to “What to do with that lace shawl you just HAD to knit…

  1. beautiful!!! But I do hear you on the “whether or not I’ll actually wear such a thing…

    (BTW: It’s okay to link to anyone’s site, regardless of commercial or not. Just use your own bandwidth if you use a picture or something like that.)

    Have fun in blogland!

  2. Beverly

    Details, please! Pattern and yarn for that lovely shawl? Your blog is so fun already, I’ve added it to my favorites list. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful work, no matter its fate.

    Happy New Year!


  4. That’s GORGEOUS! I just “won” a handknit lace shawl in our office charity fund raiser, and I bid on it only b/c (1) it was as beautiful as yours and (b) I knew the amount of work that went into it (I have yet to attempt anything lace-esque). Now I have a good idea what to do with it!

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