The wonders of yarn…

It’s not knitting, but this is what an older gentleman and his wife brought by the shop one day. His wife is an artist and draws the pictures on canvas, then Bob uses 100 % wool yarns to hook the rug, rather than the traditional wool felt strips. They were embarking on a new rug, a mockingbird against a backdrop of purple irises (Tennessee’s state bird and flower), and I was lucky enough to be there when they stopped in for more yarn. Julia is one of the other ladies who also works part-time at the shop.  She has a background steeped in textiles ( she teaches a color theory class), and she happened to be there as well and offered to help them pick out yarn. I was enchanted by the process by which she chose the color options. Having very little formal art education in my background, I’m now quite intrigued by the idea of color “tension” and other terms I’d never heard of. I was just an interested spectator, but it was memorable. I must know more!


Bob’s hooked rug using all wool yarns



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3 responses to “The wonders of yarn…

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! What an amazing piece of art it is! You must be anxiously awaiting the viewing of their next piece. 🙂

  2. That is incredible! Thanks for sharing it with us. As for spinning and hooking as hobbies, (I saw your note on the knitlist) you can do both inexpensively if you take time to think about just getting the basics. To start spinning, you need a spindle, a small amount of medium wool roving, (not fine wool like Merino, it’s too slippery) and Connie Delaney’s book on spindling. That’s it. If you make your own spindle, buy inexpensive wool, etc., you can do it all for around $40 or less. Good luck!

  3. Oh, wow, that’s gorgeous!

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