Cheap and quick kitty bed

Ok, I’m pretty happy with this one. In about half an hour I fashioned this cat bed from a wool sweater I found at the Goodwill.

Our faithful Kitty (eight years we’ve had this cat and we still haven’t named the poor thing) lives outside, mostly sleeping on the woodpile we keep in the screened in back porch (he created his own kitty-door/hole-in-the-screen a couple of years ago — DH was thrilled, of course) and it’s been pretty cold at night lately and I was worried about him keeping warm.

After I felted the sweater, I used the sleeves to make the rounded circle and used some batting I had left over from another project to stuff them. I blanket stitched with some old acrylic yarn to create a “channel” for the circle of stuffing and stitched up all holes. Kitty is warm and cozy and I feel very thrifty and creative. Everyone is happy (well, maybe not DH, but what can I say? He is just not a cat person).

It’s like Kitty is being hugged!

quick and cheap kitty bed — no knitting!

Click to see bigger pictures

Take the picture already.  I’m trying to sleep here.



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5 responses to “Cheap and quick kitty bed

  1. So you stuffed the sleeves, and–way cool! That is–okay, now I need to go make one, and I don’t even own a cat. I just have friends I like to show off cool ideas to. That is so cool!

  2. Amy

    Genius-would be great for animal shelters!

  3. I have an old wool sweater that I didn’t know what to do with because felting just doesn’t do anything for me…but if it’s for the kitties I’ll do it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anna

    I just bought some wool sweaters from the thrift store to disassemble and knit into a kitty bed. This is way easier!! I’ll be trying this soon. Thanks so much for the awesome idea. Can you elaborate on the blanket stitching to create the channel? I’m not to swift with sewing and I’m confused about what you mean. Thanks!!!!!

  5. Cheap & Quick Kitty Bed – one of the gals in the office (Coconino County Assessors Office) saw this and we decided to make this a project. We have asked for sweater and sweatshirt donations from our office and the Recorder’s office. We hope to deliver many of these great pet beds to the local shelters here in Flagstaff where it gets dang cold at 7,000 feet.

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