Pausing to pray as I knit

I’ve begun a prayer shawl for a friend at church who’s going through some extremely difficult health issues.   What I’m finding is that, although I’m deliberately and specificially praying as I knit this particular project for this young woman, I see that there’s an element of prayer that goes into each knitted gift anyway.  The slow and rhythmic movement lends itself to reflection and simple prayer, even if it’s no more than “knit 5, purl 5…I hope she’s going to get through… oh, purl 5, the next week ok…”  It may not be the same as quietly meditating, eyes closed, Bible in hand, yet, I know that I’m being heard, and  stopping to think about my friend and keep her at the forefront of my thoughts is a blessing in itself, for myself as well as her.

Before this project, I considered getting a few done just in case someone got sick or sad, but now I think I won’t.  I want the person and their situation to be what I’m thinking about as I knit for them.   Most of you who have made prayer shawls before probably already understood this, but I’m having an “aha” moment myself.

Anyway, I’m using some Yarn Bee “Itali” in white, burgundy, red, pink, and orange,  held with a strand of white Simply Soft.  My friend is Laotian and I thought the colors would be cheerful and look good with her beautiful dark hair.  It was also very inexpensive and will be washable.   The Italia is usually $6-7 a ball, and I got it on sale for $2, so it was cheaper than the Homespun I’d planned to use.  It is so soft and cuddly.  I think it will feel quite nice around the shoulders.  It reminds me of those fluffy Gund stuffed animals my daughter used to cuddle with at bedtime.


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3 responses to “Pausing to pray as I knit

  1. I think the idea of a prayer shawl is wonderful and such a great idea with the Yarn Bee Italia! I just love the feel of this yarn…the nylon in it makes it really soft!


  2. Leslie Esparza


    Just wanted to leave a quick comment to let you know that your idea for a prayer shawl really encouraged me! It is very inspiring to know that others are out there knitting and praying.


  3. Annie

    From a sister prayer warrior:
    knitting to me is also a deep form of meditation, and yes I too fervently pray while knitting….. both good for the soul. 🙂
    Many times it cleans out the cobwebs of my prayer techniques, and refines them.

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