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Fur Trimmed Baby Cardi Almost Done

I am sooo close to finishing the little baby wrap cardi with the fur trim.  I used every bit of three balls of yarn to the point that I did not have enough to make the i-cord for the ties.  I’ll be using ribbon, I suppose.  I made a little hat as well.  Now I need to find a happy little six-month-old model for pics and then I need to gather up the napkins, backs of receipts, and little slips of paper that contain my oddball drawings and bizarre calculations.  I say bizarre because I’m the kind of persn who still needs her fingers when I add (don’t worry — my husband will be taking care of the math when we begin homeschooling).  Yet it worked.  The sweater looks like my sketch and the gauge was consistent.  I’m happy with it.  The Berocco “Lullabye” is squishy, comfy, and bright.  It’s much prettier in real life.  My digital skills leave much to be desired.  Pattern to follow!

Lullabye baby wrap cardi with fur trim

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Knitters Anonymous

This should have been funnier than it was. I mean, it’s tongue-in-cheek, but so on-target that I laughed nervously and slipped back into the happy land known as “DeNial”. Anyway, this site is a hoot. Especially the “emergency knitting needles” known to non-knitters as “pencils”.

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