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Perfect Pie… Well, not quite perfect

My imperfect “Perfect Pie” shawl

Lovely project. Easy, but not too boring. This is the “Perfect Pie Shawl” from Melanie Falick’s Weekend Knitting. I used some stashed mohair/acrylic I got several years ago at a store closing. I’ve always wondered what I would do with it. This worked well for the project, and I pictured it as a casual shawl for all my denim and khaki (my personal “comfort colors”), and it’s surprisingly warm. One caveat: You MUST rip back to fix mistakes. The pattern is not forgiving, and my mistakes stick out like neon. I got lazy (mohair is not fun to rip and re-knit) and later regretted it. My next one really will have to be perfect. I like the picot edge, though next time I may have to try the daintier lace trim to finish it off.

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