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Why Did You Cut Up That Beautiful Sweater?

Because I felt like it.

Sarah’s shawl

I’d bought some sweaters at the thrift shop that were gorgeous and already felted.  Someone else’s “OOPS!” is now my treasure.  I ‘m still planning to make purses, but  I went ahead and turned one into a shawl for Sarah.  So cute, so quick.  I’m ready to make more with felted fabric.  It’s so easy to sew! I’ve been inspired by the book Felt It! Stitch It! Fabulous!


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Le Slouch est Magnifique!




Le Slouch side

This quick knit was fun and satisfying. I finished in a couple of evenings. I don’t suppose I have the face for hats, but this one I love anyway. A big bonus is that I don’t get “hat hair” when I wear it. The seed stitch texture makes the most of the gorgeous variegation. The yarn was a luxury “one-skein splurge” and I’ve waited a long time to find just the right project. It is Artyarn Ultramerino 8 in a blue/purple/ochre/brown colorway. So soft and springy, right up there with Karabella Aurora 8. Very warm with just the right amounts of softness, definition, and drape. The only thing I wasn’t so crazy about was the decrease pattern. The seed stitch hides it, but I’d like to try this one again in stockinette.


back of le slouch

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