Le Slouch est Magnifique!




Le Slouch side

This quick knit was fun and satisfying. I finished in a couple of evenings. I don’t suppose I have the face for hats, but this one I love anyway. A big bonus is that I don’t get “hat hair” when I wear it. The seed stitch texture makes the most of the gorgeous variegation. The yarn was a luxury “one-skein splurge” and I’ve waited a long time to find just the right project. It is Artyarn Ultramerino 8 in a blue/purple/ochre/brown colorway. So soft and springy, right up there with Karabella Aurora 8. Very warm with just the right amounts of softness, definition, and drape. The only thing I wasn’t so crazy about was the decrease pattern. The seed stitch hides it, but I’d like to try this one again in stockinette.


back of le slouch


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  1. Nice job! I’ve always wanted to learn to knit and crochet. 🙂

    Nice blogs, too. I surfed in from your hs’ing blog via the WordPress tag surfer.

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