Let the Destash 2010 Begin



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6 responses to “Let the Destash 2010 Begin

  1. Oh, yum, yum — lots of delicious yarn! How to part with any . . . !

  2. Do do it; knit it up!!
    Just think of all the nice things you can make. Surely you could give up eating and sleeping to make the time to knit?
    ; )

  3. elizabeth

    I love your blogs!!

  4. Pam

    Hi, I love the slouch hat and tried to find it on the link, but no success. Where can I find the pattern? It is just what I am looking for, thanks Pam

  5. gail reyne

    I was wondering if you would be willing to part with your Red Heart Baby Teri yellow yarn. I saw it was part of your stash on Ravelry. Please email me with what you would like for it or you can answer me on ravelry. My user name on ravelry is stitchtogether. I have just found the site and it is very addicting. I started an afghan and the best way to finish it is find more yarn. I also got my yarn at a walmart in Mitchell SD
    Thanks Gail Stitchtogether

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