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Why Did You Cut Up That Beautiful Sweater?

Because I felt like it.

Sarah’s shawl

I’d bought some sweaters at the thrift shop that were gorgeous and already felted.  Someone else’s “OOPS!” is now my treasure.  I ‘m still planning to make purses, but  I went ahead and turned one into a shawl for Sarah.  So cute, so quick.  I’m ready to make more with felted fabric.  It’s so easy to sew! I’ve been inspired by the book Felt It! Stitch It! Fabulous!


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Le Slouch est Magnifique!




Le Slouch side

This quick knit was fun and satisfying. I finished in a couple of evenings. I don’t suppose I have the face for hats, but this one I love anyway. A big bonus is that I don’t get “hat hair” when I wear it. The seed stitch texture makes the most of the gorgeous variegation. The yarn was a luxury “one-skein splurge” and I’ve waited a long time to find just the right project. It is Artyarn Ultramerino 8 in a blue/purple/ochre/brown colorway. So soft and springy, right up there with Karabella Aurora 8. Very warm with just the right amounts of softness, definition, and drape. The only thing I wasn’t so crazy about was the decrease pattern. The seed stitch hides it, but I’d like to try this one again in stockinette.


back of le slouch

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Perfect Pie… Well, not quite perfect

My imperfect “Perfect Pie” shawl

Lovely project. Easy, but not too boring. This is the “Perfect Pie Shawl” from Melanie Falick’s Weekend Knitting. I used some stashed mohair/acrylic I got several years ago at a store closing. I’ve always wondered what I would do with it. This worked well for the project, and I pictured it as a casual shawl for all my denim and khaki (my personal “comfort colors”), and it’s surprisingly warm. One caveat: You MUST rip back to fix mistakes. The pattern is not forgiving, and my mistakes stick out like neon. I got lazy (mohair is not fun to rip and re-knit) and later regretted it. My next one really will have to be perfect. I like the picot edge, though next time I may have to try the daintier lace trim to finish it off.

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Leaf Scarf Love

I am finally finished wth the lucious leaf scarf a la “Scarf Style” and folks, it’s a winner.  I’d do this again in a heartbeat.   It’s summer, but I can’t wait.  I keep going to the closet to peek at it, just to see if it’s still as soft and lovely as it was when I finished.  It is.blockedleafscarf.jpg


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Happy Hats

These hats are heavily modified versions of the “Rainbow Marley” in Itty Bitty Hats.  What a great way to use leftover bits.



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Fur Trimmed Baby Cardi Almost Done

I am sooo close to finishing the little baby wrap cardi with the fur trim.  I used every bit of three balls of yarn to the point that I did not have enough to make the i-cord for the ties.  I’ll be using ribbon, I suppose.  I made a little hat as well.  Now I need to find a happy little six-month-old model for pics and then I need to gather up the napkins, backs of receipts, and little slips of paper that contain my oddball drawings and bizarre calculations.  I say bizarre because I’m the kind of persn who still needs her fingers when I add (don’t worry — my husband will be taking care of the math when we begin homeschooling).  Yet it worked.  The sweater looks like my sketch and the gauge was consistent.  I’m happy with it.  The Berocco “Lullabye” is squishy, comfy, and bright.  It’s much prettier in real life.  My digital skills leave much to be desired.  Pattern to follow!

Lullabye baby wrap cardi with fur trim

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Cheap and quick kitty bed

Ok, I’m pretty happy with this one. In about half an hour I fashioned this cat bed from a wool sweater I found at the Goodwill.

Our faithful Kitty (eight years we’ve had this cat and we still haven’t named the poor thing) lives outside, mostly sleeping on the woodpile we keep in the screened in back porch (he created his own kitty-door/hole-in-the-screen a couple of years ago — DH was thrilled, of course) and it’s been pretty cold at night lately and I was worried about him keeping warm.

After I felted the sweater, I used the sleeves to make the rounded circle and used some batting I had left over from another project to stuff them. I blanket stitched with some old acrylic yarn to create a “channel” for the circle of stuffing and stitched up all holes. Kitty is warm and cozy and I feel very thrifty and creative. Everyone is happy (well, maybe not DH, but what can I say? He is just not a cat person).

It’s like Kitty is being hugged!

quick and cheap kitty bed — no knitting!

Click to see bigger pictures

Take the picture already.  I’m trying to sleep here.


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Chillin’ In My New Chullo

(click for larger view)


Well, it’s not an authentic Ch’ullo. It’s my interpretation. I was trying to write a pattern for a two-handed stranded colorwork class I’m teaching to two ladies at the shop tomorrow. This was fun and quick. Next time I’ll try a looser fit and a more triangular tapering, though personally, I like the snug fit. I may even post this as a free pattern after I’ve tested a couple of variations.




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A New “Old Favorite”

You know those sweaters that just fly off the needles? Those that, as soon as you finish, you can just tell it’s going to quickly become a favorite “knockabout” you reach for again and again? This was one of those projects. It’s a top-down raglan from Knitting Pure and Simple pattern #996 and I used a hand-dyed wool “Rios de la Platas”. I can see doing several of these. Quick and satisfying.

(Click on sweater for better view)

Top-down bulky v-neck

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Mitered Triangles

This top-down cap has mitered triangles on the brim. I used stash yarn for the top and a pretty wool/acrylic bulky blend in in shades of rose, blue, charcoal, and tan for the brim. My boss brought it back from Italy for me. Unfortunately, I made the top too deep, and after making the triangles, I didn’t have the heart to rip back and shorten it. It’s too big to wear as a beanie, and too short to flip the brim up. Pattern from my beloved “Handknit Holidays” by Melanie Falick.

Into the gift drawer it goes. *sigh* I did try Judy’s Magic Cast-On with this hat. LOVE that one, especially for socks.

So pretty.  So too big for my short, round skull.


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